"Pi Shop" - Thrift Shop Parody for Pi Day!

:P Oh why hello there~ Enjoy "Pi Shop!" A Pi Day song that is a parody of Macklemore's "Thrift Shop." School: International Academy East from Michigan. Enjoy :) -- Some thoughts: Okay :P So Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" is EXTREMELY unique to Macklemore's style. The way he rhymes, the sometimes weird pauses he does in his song such as where he says, "Smells like R. Kelly's Sheets----- Pissss~~" ... All of that I tried to mimic to the best of my ability. Why? In the end, if I just took Thrift Shop's melody and chord progression and didn't follow Macklemore's raps, it wouldn't be giving Macklemore a good-enough tribute--and, to be honest, it'd be extremely easy. The fun is in the attempt to copy his rhymes, to figure out what he does in his verses and how he plays with his words. That's the beauty of Thrift Shop and that's why, for my parody of it, I tried to keep to it the best I can--right down to the instrumentals and how he'll cut out one or two of the categories of: Sax Riff, Bass, Drums. [Listen to the song again and notice how, after each 4-line verse, he cuts out or introduces one of those 3 categories.] The only part where I truly did change is the Bridge Section [I'll wear your Granddad's Clothes] and that's only because my microphone is not able (quality-issues) to record an extremely long (over 3 seconds) held note [it cuts out after that.] Thus, I had to change it and instead, I came up with, what I thought to be, an extremely fun and catchy sax melody. In the end, the point of this parody is to, not only recognize Pi during Pi Day, but also to mimic "Thrift Shop." While listening, if you know Thrift Shop enough, you should notice that each of the verse lines follow Thrift Shop's exact verse lines in style [to the best of my ability.] Thanks you :) DJ Breadfish~
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