CICADA - 3301 2018 Game -Most Mysterious Internet Puzzle

Hey this is Rudy this video is about 2018 cicada 3 3 0 1 puzzle. For those who doesn't know about cicada 3 3 0 1 First let’s see what is cicada 3 3 0 1. Cicada 3 3 0 1 is a name given to an enigmatic organization that on several occasions has posted a set of puzzles to recruit highly intelligent individuals from the public. The puzzles started at 4th January 2012 Nobody knows what exactly the prize for the winner is and no one knows who's behind this game, those who won the game disappeared from internet this makes the puzzle a mystery. Solving a level leads to another question and it continues. Some believe that it is an intelligence agency like CIA, MI6 or NSA , and some suggest that Cicada 3 3 0 1 is behind several internet anonymity software including Bitcoin. Initially it was thought that maybe somebody from a home PC is behind this puzzle, but in a round participants have to find physical clues in the form of posters that is situated in different location that is spreader across the globe, making it clear that 3 3 0 1 is an organization that is widely spread around the globe. The puzzles are focused primary on cryptography and also stenography, data security, literature and music. A second puzzle began one year later on January 4, 2013, and third round on Twitter on January 4, 2014. and 2014 puzzle doesn’t have any known ending. There was no game in 2015 and In 2016 the twitter account used by cicada during 2014 tweeted a hint says to focus on ‘Liber Primus‘ which is a set of images found during 2014 puzzle. Everybody waited for a new game in 2017, but disappointingly there was no new game on 2017 January, but a message was found on 4th April 2017 on pastebin says that “Beware false paths. Always verify PGP signature from 7A35090F” means beware of fake game, always verify the PGP signature of cicada. Lets see what is going to happen this year. till this video is uploaded no puzzle with cicada’s pgp key was found, there is a lot of fake puzzles. Remember: Trust nothing, Verify everything!, I will update this video if there was any update. keywords Bitcoin Satoshi nakanoto cicada 3301 music, cicada 3301 video, cicada 3301 song, cicada 3301, cicada 3301 solved 2016, cicada 3301 top 5, cicada 3301 conspiracy, cicada 3301 update, cicada 3301 voce sabia, cicada 3301 solved, cicada 3301 all clues, cicada 3301 anonymous, cicada 3301 april 2017 cicada 2018 3301 2018 cicada 2018
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