Doc McStuffins - Hannah the Brave EXCLUSIVE CLIP Via ABC News

The Cancer Episode of Doc McStuffins As soon as Doc went on the air we realized we had an audience of the bravest kids on earth - the ones facing cancer, chronic illness, the kids who'd had accidents and faced surgeries and long hospital stays. They called us, and wrote us, and behind the scenes we have been sending them voices and notes of encouragement. Most of our kids have made it. Some haven't. When they don't, I get in touch with their parents. Over the years we've considered this silent part of our job a privilege, and I remember so many of these kids and their stories. George who was wheeled into heart surgery with his Stuffy in his arms (and with a recording from Robbie Rist to help him be brave) and of course Riley who fought so hard, and didn't make it. I knew we needed to do an episode for kids for whom a kiss and a cuddle weren't enough. They deserved to see their struggles represented on screen. And we had to be the ones to do it. It took four seasons for us to have earned the trust to make this episode. And we couldn't have thought of anyone more fitting to make it with us than Robin Roberts. ------------------ Chris Nee (Creator Of Doc McStuffins)
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