Not all heroes wear capes - but some carry tubes (Pi Day 2017)

"My whole life has been...people telling me what I can't do. Now I'm doing it." - Riri Williams (Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #15 ). 3/14/17 at 6:28PM ET. 2021s are happening. '18 as Riri Williams * Featuring Stu Schmill '86 as himself * Produced by Cowboy L. '20 and Loren S. '17 * Directed by Chris Peterson SM '13 and Selam G. '18 * Based on characters and concepts from the Marvel Universe * Score: "L'estasi dell'oro (The Ecstasy of Gold)" by Ennio Morricone * Inspired by fanart from tumblr * Ironheart model modified from “Iron_Man” by TurboSquid user Dipu_1 * Drone filming by * Thanks to the Center for Bits and Atoms, the MIT Wind Tunnel, instructor Simona Socrate, and more for filming locations.
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