Pi Day: A PARODY of "Friday" by Rebecca Black

This video should really be 3 minutes and 14 seconds long. But it's not. Anyway, we hope you enjoy! Please comment, rate, and share with all your friends, family, teachers, and enemies. Don't take us too seriously as singers or actors... The original song is by Rebecca Black, though I'm sure every single person in the world knows that. I just have to give her credit for copyright reasons, I think... Here are the lyrics: Verse 1: Three a.m., wakin' up really early Grab my calculator, I run downstairs Gotta eat some pie, gotta find the area Using pi R squared, that's how I roll. Rollin' with my math book, lookin' for my glasses Oops I just missed my bus (CRAP) Get a ride with m'mom, She's my best friend Pulling up my pants high, Memorizing more pi It goes on forever Finally March 14th Chorus: It's pi day, pi day We all get down on pi day Gotta know those digits, three point one four, one five Pi day, pi day, Gettin' wild on pi day Gotta know those digits, three point one four, one five Calcu- Calculatin' (Yeah!) Calcu- Calculatin' (Yeah!) Three, one, four, one I don't want this day to end Verse 2: 2:45, I'm sitting in math class Don't need weed, I'm high off pi Don't, want, today to be done Am I the only one? We're getting crazy now My friend is by my right, ay! This party's getting wild Now you know it Better than my birthday And the quadratic equa(tion) It goes on forever Finally March 14th! (Chorus) Bridge: The ratio of the circumference To the diameter of a circle Who needs alcohol when, You have your math book? Find the volume of a ball today Tomorrow is March 15th And the 16th comes afterwards Oh, don't be irrational now! (Pi rap) (Chorus x1.5)
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