Solving The Cicada 3301 2017 Puzzle | PART 2 | The Internet's Most Complex Puzzle

History in the making. 3d puzzle with cryptography, history, music, actual treasure, astronomy, and developments that leave everyone hanging. Development of the 3301 Puzzle: Circumferences shed on PI. Beware false paths. REMEMBER THE FUTURE What appears to be chicory is actually real coffee. Our encryption fingerprint has changed. Schools out. Sevens arrive consult three times seven plus one for the key but remember the journey is not over then Spread your wings. Be the timbal. Beware armor cloaked. Await Liber Secundus. The Dark Star will be released today. The Sonic Screwdriver opens all doors. A Heavenward Pupal Ye-Hotly The Feast of Assumption arrives. The Flud of Blud-gasse. A lion will open the gates of hell by two serpents and ancient wraiths as the shadow of humanity explodes into an apocalyptic spring.
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